I'm Mark Shaw, a freelance link builder in Cornwall, UK. I specialise in building high quality natural links for businesses within the travel and lifestyle niches via content led SEO link building and PR to deliver high search rankings in Google.  

I've worked in online marketing for 14 years, specialising in SEO link building and content marketing for the past decade. I went freelance back in the summer of 2012 after 5 years of SEO agency work.

I've managed many successful SEO link building and online content marketing campaigns over the years with clients that include...

My approach to SEO link building is summed up in 3 words:
  1. Natural
  2. Relevant
  3. Quality
Obtaining links (other websites and blogs linking to your website) is still the number 1 factor that Google looks at when ranking your website in search results. The better quality and relevance of these links, the better your rankings. 

My approach has always had content at the heart of any link building campaign - even before content marketing was as high profile as it is today. By creating great content and getting that content published on great sites relevant to your audience, you get rewarded by Google with higher search engine positions. 

Over the years, i've built close working relationships with thousands of websites and blogs enabling me to get content with relevant links within published.

My skills and experience are as follows....

I'd love to hear from you so contact me today if you'd like to know more information on I can help your SEO campaign, link building / blogger outreach and content marketing efforts.

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UK Freelance Link Builder

UK Freelance Link Builder
UK Freelance SEO link builder with 10 years experience building high quality relevant links for clients using content marketing and proven successful link building techniques. For more information contact me at pineconemedia@gmail.com


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