A simple search for 'link building' in Google will prompt a 'link building is dead' auto complete and you may be thinking you should therefore stay clear of this tactic as part of your SEO / digital marketing efforts.

Link building of course is far from dead, it's changed yes....but it's alive and kicking because after all, Google drastically hasn't changed the way it uses links to rank websites in searches.

If you don't have anyone linking to your website, your website will really struggle to rank - and those in competitive niches need links to compete to rank in higher positions in Google search results.

The important thing to know is that the links you get need to be relevant...and quality.

SEO link building has changed for sure - it's very much content led these days although that's the way I've always built links - using content on the right websites engaging with the right audiences.

But link building is certainly not dead. Building high-quality links has never been so important - but it's about quality, not quantity of links.

Email me today to get a discussion going on how we can work together on building 
links to your/your clients website using content on relevant quality websites. 

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Hi, I'm Mark, a freelance UK link builder specialising in building quality links for travel clients in UK, Europe & Worldwide.

Please get in touch with me to discuss your link building requirements mark@pineconemedia.co.uk

Freelance Link Building Expert

Freelance Link Building Expert
UK Freelance SEO link builder with 10 years experience building high quality relevant links for clients using content marketing and proven successful link building techniques. For more information contact me at mark@pineconemedia.co.uk


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